Upcoming course sections

The courses are under construction and will include a variety of difficulty levels and specializations.

Some section of the course is free but requires you to have an active subscription in order to take advantage of them. Other sections require you to pay a fee to view. To keep prices low, we will apply a periodic price that allows you to purchase individual sections or categories. Sessions can be short or long depending on your needs and desires. Note, however, that sections will be updated constantly as the new versions of additions issued and that section on new additions and methods are constantly being added.

We plan course sections:

  • Joomla's basic features
  • Further you can not do without
  • Akeeba Backup
  • Akeeba Admin Tools
  • Akeeba Subscriptions
  • NoNumbers Extensions
  • JCE Editor
  • sh404SEF
  • mm

We will have the advanced section:

  • Joomla ACL
  • Joomla Multi Language
  • Newsletter Handling
  • Subscriptions with RSmembership, Akeeba Subscritions, redMember etc.
  • e-commerce as J2Store
  • Event Management with RSevents, JEvents, redEvents etc.
  • CRS redBooking, appointement Booking Pro, Jomres etc.
  • .. and much more

Please leave comments on what exactly you would like to see and learn.